New Album Tracklisting Released!
Updated Feb 14 : 11:04 by Jon

With the release date of April 17th rapidly approaching the official tracklisting for Jason Mraz's new album has finally been released:
Release Date: April 17TH (full length album)
1. Freedom Song 
2. Living in the Moment 
3. The Woman I Love 
4. I Won't Give Up 
5. 5/6 
6. Everything is Sound (La La La) 
7. 93 Million Miles 
8. Frank D Fixer 
9. Who's Thinking About You Now? 
10. In Your Hands 
11. Be Honest (Feat. Inara George) 
12. The World As I See It
AND along with the album will be a special Live Digital EP which will be released in only two weeks:
Release Date: February 28th (live digital EP)
1. The World As I See It (Live EP Version) 
2. You F**king Did It (Live EP Version) 
3. The Woman I Love (Live EP Version) 
4. I Never Knew You (Live EP Version)